Adelotremus leptus, a new genus and species of sabertooth blenny from the Red Sea (Teleostei: Blenniidae: Nemophini)

William F. Smith-Vaniz, Jean Michel Rose


Adelotremus leptus is described as a new genus and species of blenniid fish based on a single gravid female, 35.4 mmstandard length, collected from a polychaete tube in 15 m depth in the Red Sea near Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. The genusdiffers primarily from other nemophin genera (except Xiphasia) in having pterygiophores of the dorsal-fin spines broadlycontacting robust vertebral neural spines, and the combination of dorsal-fin spines and rays IX, 19, total vertebrae 32,ventral margin of gill opening opposite dorsalmost 5th or 6th pectoral-fin ray and no lateral line. An identification key is provided for genera of the blenniid tribe Nemophini.


Blenniidae; Nemophini; sabertooth blenny; new genus and species; Red Sea


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ISSN 1175-5326 (Print Edition) & ISSN 1175-5334 (Online Edition)
Published by Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand