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 Dr David Rentz

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David Rentz spent 25 years of his professional career as Curator of Orthopteroid Insects in the Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra. He specialises in katydids, crickets, and other members of the suborder Ensifera. He edits manuscripts for Zootaxa in this field.

David pursues an active research schedule in his home in Kuranda in the far north of Queensland. He continues to revise genera of Australian katydids (Tettigoniidae) and certain groups of crickets. In 2010 he published A Guide to the Katydids of Australia for CSIRO. In 2011 it was judged the best book in the “Field Guide” category in the Whitley Book Awards.  In 2012 he completed a similar volume on Australia’s cockroach fauna. He and his colleague Dr Darryl Gwynne, University of Toronto, in 2011 were awarded an Ig-Nobel Prize for their study “Beetles on the Bottle”.

David is an Adjunct Professor at the James Cook University and an Honorary Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences. In the 2013 Queens Birthday Awards, David was appointed to the General Division of the Order of Australia.



Zootaxa 3198: 68–68 (20 Feb. 2012) 0 plate; 1 reference                          Accepted: 3 Feb. 2012
Validation of new genus the Miniagraecia (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) 
DCF RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & N. UESHIMA (Japan)

Preview (PDF; 20KB) | Full article (PDF; 20KB)   open access 

Zootaxa 3173: 1–36 (25 Jan. 2012) 29 plate; 9 references                        Accepted: 30 Nov. 2011
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: New genera and species from North Queensland (Tettigoniidae; Conocephalinae; Armadillagraeciini trib. nov. and Agraeciini; Listroscelidinae; Requenini)
DCF RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & NORIHIRO UESHIMA (Japan)

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Zootaxa 2664: 1–35 (2 Nov. 2010) 14 plates; 29 references                            Accepted: 5 Oct. 2010
Studies in the orthopteran fauna of Melanesia: New katydids of the tribe Agraeciini from Papua New Guinea
(Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae)
Preview (PDF; 20KB) | Full article (PDF; 3,590KB)  Order PDF

Zootaxa 2566: 1–20 (13 Aug. 2010) 12 plates; 4 references                        Accepted: 20 Jul. 2010
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Australian Pseudophylline katydids (Tettigoniidae; Pseudophyllinae; Phyllomimini)
DCF RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & NORIHIRO UESHIMA (Japan)
Preview (PDF; 20KB) | Full article (PDF; 6030KB)   open access 

Zootaxa 2417: 1–39 (2 Apr. 2010) 25 plates; 12 references                           Accepted: 3 Mar. 2010
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Australian agraeciine katydids, two new
genera from northern Australia (Tettigoniidae; Conocephalinae; Agraeciini)
D.C.F. RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia), NORIHIRO UESHIMA (Japan) & MARTYN
ROBINSON (Australia)
Preview (PDF; 20KB) | Full article (PDF; 6670KB)  Order PDF

Zootaxa 2221: 67-68 (4 Sep. 2009) 1 plates; 5 references                            Accepted: 24 Jul. 2009
Nomenclatural Changes in Australian Tettigoniidae
D. C. F. RENTZ (Australia)

Abstract & excerpt (PDF; 20KB) free | Full article (PDF; 60KB)  Order PDF

Zootaxa 2075: 55-68 (17 Apr. 2009) 13 plates; 7 references                          Accepted: 4 Mar. 2009
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: The Phyllophorinae
(Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phyllophorinae)
DCF RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & NORIHIRO UESHIMA (Japan)

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Zootaxa 1964: 1-39 (15 Dec. 2008) 25 plates; 11 references                        Accepted: 29 Oct. 2008
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: new Phaneropterine Katydids from
Queensland Rainforests (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae)
DCF RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & NORHIRO UESHIMA (Japan)

Abstract & excerpt (PDF; 20KB) free | Full article (PDF; 1650KB)  Order PDF

Zootaxa 1629: 57-68 (2 Nov. 2007)  7 plates; 4 references                          Accepted: 24 Oct. 2007
Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Ozphyllum, a new genus of Phaneropterine katydids with comments on its relationships and ecology (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae)
D.C.F. RENTZ (Australia), YOU NING SU (Australia) & NORHIRO UESHIMA (Japan)
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