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Published: 2021-11-26

Fimbristylis sunilii (Cyperaceae): A new species from Southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India

DST-FIST Research Department of Botany, S.N.M.College, Maliankara, Ernakulam 683516, Kerala, India
DST-FIST Research Department of Botany, S.N.M.College, Maliankara, Ernakulam 683516, Kerala, India
DST-FIST Research Department of Botany, S.N.M.College, Maliankara, Ernakulam 683516, Kerala, India
DST-FIST Research Department of Botany, S.N.M.College, Maliankara, Ernakulam 683516, Kerala, India
Cyperaceae New species Western Ghats Monocots


Fimbristylis sunilii, a new species of Cyperaceae, from Western Ghats of Kerala, Southwest India is described and illustrated with photographs. The paper provides distribution and phenology of the new species along with comparison of its allied species.


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