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Published: 2018-05-29

New names of fossil Berberidaceae

The International Fossil Plant Names Index, National Institute of Carpology (Gaertnerian Institution), 21 Konenkowa Street, RUS-127560, Moscow, Russian Federation
palaeobotany nomenclature Berberidales Magnoliopsida Magnoliids


New names are proposed for the fossil taxa of Berberis and Mahonia of the American Tertiary and the European Tertiary (The Palaeoflora Europaea Project). Berberis lanceolata Givul. is renamed Berberis miopannonica nom. nov. (non extant Berberis lanceolata Benth.) and Berberis notata nom. nov. is proposed in place of Berberis ambigua Kovar-Eder & Kvaček (fossil) non Berberis ambigua Ahrendt (extant). Berberis notata nom. nov. is validated in place of Ilex ambigua Unger (fossil) non Ilex ambigua Elliott (extant), which were previously treated as illegitimate Berberis ambigua Kovar-Eder & Kvaček (fossil) non Berberis ambigua Ahrendt (extant). Alloberberis axelrodii sp. nov. is validated instead of the previously invalidly published Mahonia sinuata, lacking holotype designation when published. Alloberberis caeruleomontana nom. nov. is validated to replace Ilex sinuata Chaney & Axelrod non Ilex sinuata Saporta. The following new combinations are proposed: A. aceroides comb. nov., A. bilinica comb. nov., A. lobodonta comb. nov., A. marginata comb. nov., A. obliqua comb. nov., Mahonia boulei comb. nov., M. mahoniiformis comb. nov., M. sphenophylla comb. nov. (replacing nomenclaturally superfluous M. aspera). Furthermore, Juglans melaena is neotypified and Alloberberis aceroides is epitypified.