Megataxa <p><strong>Megataxa</strong> is a premium open access journal for important works reporting major advances in taxonomy.</p> Magnolia press en-US Megataxa 2703-3082 <span lang="EN-GB">Authors need to complete and return an </span><span lang="EN-GB"><a href="/j/public/files/MTcopyright.rtf">Assignment of Copyright</a> </span><span lang="EN-GB">form when a paper is accepted for publication. Authors from institutions that do not allow transfer of copyrights to publishers (e.g. government institutions such as USDA, CSIRO) should attach a copyright waiver or similar document.</span> <strong>All genera of the world: Order Thysanoptera (Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta)</strong> <p class="Abstract">There are 1270 genus-group names available in the Insect Order Thysanoptera by the end of 2020. Of these, 850 refer to currently accepted genera, including 65 genera of fossils. A further 420 genus-group names are placed in synonymy. Of the currently accepted genera 474 have been described since 1950. Despite this descriptive activity, the supra-generic classification of Thysanoptera genera remains poorly structured with relationships largely obscure and 50% of the genera monobasic.</p> LAURENCE A. MOUND ANDREA HASTENPFLUG-VESMANIS Copyright (c) 2021 Magnolia Press Limited 2021-06-08 2021-06-08 6 1 2–69 2–69 10.11646/megataxa.6.1.2 <strong>All genera of the world: Order †Lophioneurida—fossil out-groups of Thripida (Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta)</strong> <p class="Abstract">The present paper presents a compilation of the generic names available in the fossil insect order Lophioneurida (Insecta: Thripida). It comprises 18 accepted genera, 4 synonyms and one invalid homonym.</p> MANFRED R. ULITZKA Copyright (c) 2021 Magnolia Press Limited 2021-06-08 2021-06-08 6 1 70–72 70–72 10.11646/megataxa.6.1.3 <strong>New concepts and methods for phylogenetic taxonomy and nomenclature in zoology, exemplified by a new ranked cladonomy of recent amphibians (Lissamphibia): corrigenda and addenda</strong> <p class="Paragraph">Just after the publication of our paper (Dubois <em>et al.</em> 2021), we discovered that, in Table 1, pages 443 and 444 are identical, and the actual page 443 is missing. We here provide this page, and we took this opportunity to correct a few other errors in this paper. We provide below corrections only in the case of misspellings or other errors that may induce misunderstandings of our text, not for pure format problems (concerning punctuation, parentheses, italics, bold and capital letters), which do not impede understanding of our text.</p> ALAIN DUBOIS ANNEMARIE OHLER R. ALEXANDER PYRON Copyright (c) 2021 Magnolia Press Limited 2021-06-08 2021-06-08 6 1 73–76 73–76 10.11646/megataxa.6.1.4 <strong>All genera of the world: an introduction to the inventory</strong> <p class="Paragraph">The ’All genera of the world’ series was announced by Zhang (2020) when <em>Megataxa</em> was launched. It aims to publish a full list of all genera (living and fossil) in a current consensus classification, including species richness, type species, and synonyms/homonyms (if any) for each genus. Original references for the generic names, type species, and nomenclatural changes should be checked and listed. This series, when completed, will provide a basis for a full inventory of life on Earth. It is an extension of a previous series of papers to the family level for animal diversity (Zhang 2011, 2013). The series invites individual taxonomists or a large team to submit small articles or large monographs for their taxa.</p> ZHI-QIANG ZHANG Copyright (c) 2021 Magnolia Press Limited 2021-06-08 2021-06-08 6 1 1 1 10.11646/megataxa.6.1.1