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Standing order for online edition 
(small sections in 2009)

Your can place a flat-rate order for all papers of a particular taxon of interest to you.  PDFs will be sent to you when these papers are published.  Orders for 2009 papers should be placed now until early Jan. 2009.  

Benefits.  This option alerts you timely when each paper of your interest is published and you get the pdfs in a cost-effective way.

Prices for PDFs of small sections (taxa) in 2009 (US$)

Protozoa 20.00
Porifera 20.00
Ctenophora 20.00
Coelenterata (Cnidaria) 40.00
Platyhelminthes 160.00
Acanthocephala 20.00
Gnathostomulida 20.00
Rotifera 20.00
Bryozoa 20.00
Nemertea 20.00
Sipuncula 20.00
Annelida 20.00
Mollusca 20.00
Nematoda  30.00
Tardigrada 20.00
Onychophora 20.00
Crustacea 180.00
Pycnogonida 20.00
Acari 80.00
Araneae 60.00
Arachnida (exluding Acari & Araneae) 20.00
Myriapoda 40.00
Coleoptera 180.00
Diptera 180.00
Lepidoptera 80.00
Hymenoptera 180.00
Hemiptera 120.00
Protura 20.00
Collembola 30.00
Diplura 20.00
Isoptera 20.00
Orthoptera 50.00
Phasmatodea 30.00
Mantodea 20.00
Blattodea 20.00
Megaloptera 20.00
Neuroptera 20.00
Ephemeroptera 30.00
Odonata 20.00
Strepsiptera 20.00
Trichoptera 20.00
Thysanoptera 20.00
Phthiraptera 30.00
Plecoptera 20.00
Psocoptera 20.00
Siphonaptera 20.00
Echinodermata 30.00
Ascidiacea 20.00
Pisces 150.00
Amphibia 120.00
Reptilia 120.00
Aves 20.00
Mammalia 30.00

Order for multiple sections:  If you order for more than one section, then total price is:

                       [P(1) + P(2) + ...P(n)] -  [(n-1) x US$10]         where P(n) is price for section n.

Example:  If you order for 3 sections (Reptilia, Aves and Mammalia), then the total is

                  [120 + 20+30] - [(3-1) x 10] = 170 - 20 = 150  (US$)

                 If you order for 2 sections (Aves and Mammalia), then the total is

                  [20+30] - [(2-1) x  10] = 50-10 = 40 (US$)

How to order

Send your order to zootaxa (at) mapress (dot) com and indicate which section(s) you need.  Orders should placed before the start of the year or early in the first year. Provide a working email address and you will be sent an invoice with instruction on payment methods. Once payment is received, you wil receive papers (PDFs) as they are published. If you start late and miss some back files, we will send them as well.

Delivery of PDFs.

By special password-protected download from our website; notification is by e-mail after papers on various taxa are published.  

Payment options

Payment by check or bank check in USD to Magnolia Press; contact us by e-mail  (zootaxa (at) mapress (dot) com) for details on payment by bank transfer or payment in checks/drafts in other currencies (e.g. EUR, GBP, AUD). Personal subscribers can pay by personal checks. Credit card payments are may be accepted for orders <US$200 from certain countries.  Loss of print issues/volumes may be claimed 10 weeks after payment.

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Published on 18 Nov.  2008