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Four new species of the genus Trachelas L. Koch, 1872 and the first record of T. vulcani Simon, 1896 from South-West China (Araneae: Trachelidae)



Trachelas vulcani Simon, 1896 is recorded from China for the first time. The type species, T. minor O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872, is redescribed based on specimens from Macedonia. Additionally, four new species of the spider genus Trachelas are described and illustrated: Trachelas brachialis sp. n. (♂, ♀), T. gigapophysis sp. n. (♂), T. gaoligongensis sp. n. (♀) and T. shilinensis sp. n. (♀).




Araneae, Spider, diagnosis, trachelids, taxonomy, morphology

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