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The checklist of photosynthetic euglenoids (order Euglenales) of the Czech Republic: ecology, taxonomy, distribution



This study brings results of a floristic survey of photosynthetic euglenoids. Data in this survey come from a floristic examination of more than 200 localities during the years 2008–2014 in combination with the literature data recorded from the end of 19th century to the present. In this work, 284 euglenoid taxa which belong to the genera Colacium (6 taxa), Cryptoglena (2 species), Discoplastis (1 species), Euglena (48 taxa), Euglenaformis (1 species), Euglenaria (3 species), Lepocinclis (36 taxa), Monomorphina (7 species), Phacus (71 taxa), Strombomonas (16 taxa) and Trachelomonas (93 taxa) are listed. Four categories of rarity were designedcommon (52 taxa), rare (44 taxa), very rare (120 taxa) and data deficient (68 taxa). In checklist, ecological characteristics (colonized habitats, life strategy, level of rarity) of taxa are shown. Number of species is compared with several works from European countries (Hungary, Great Britain, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine).  Taxonomic notes and new combinations reflecting recent works based on molecular-morphology are made and discussed. Results of this study bring next part to the knowledge of the Czech Republic algal flora.


algae, Euglenophytes, floristics, microalgae



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