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Iris zagrica subsp. hakkariensis (Iridaceae), a new subspecies from Hakkâri province (Turkey) belonging to I. subgenus Hermodactyloides



Iris zagrica subsp. hakkariensis, a new subspecies of I. subgenus Hermodactyloides, is described and illustrated from Hakkâri province, Turkey. From the morphological point of view, I. zagrica subsp. hakkariensis appears to be similar to the typical subspecies (I. zagrica subsp. zagrica), from which it differs by its broader leaves, longer spathe bract, purplish to violet flowers and larger capsules, among other characters. A comprehensive description of the new subspecies is provided, including detailed photographs, geographical distribution, habitat and ecology, vernacular names, and IUCN conservation status. Furthermore, pollen grain characteristics and karyomorphology are also presented for the new subspecies, with the chromosome count 2n = 14.


Endemic plants, Irano-Turanian flora, Hermodactyloides, taxonomy, Moncots

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