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Typification of names and nomenclatural notes on juno irises (Iridaceae) from Western Asia, Western Europe, and North Africa



Some juno irises that have been described from Western Asia, Western Europe, and North Africa are in need of typification. Twenty eight names of juno irises (22 species, 5 varieties, and 1 form) are here typified, or nomenclatural remarks are provided. In the western portion of the species range, juno irises are represented mainly by Iris aucheri, I. caucasica, I. persica, and I. planifolia. Most of the original material was collected from Turkey, Caucasus, Syria, and Algeria. Lectotypes are designated here for 16 names, and the lectotype of I. stenophylla is corrected here. The holotypes for the names I. nusairiensis and I. postii are indicated; neotypes for the names I. atropatana, I. bolleana, I. issica, I. persica var. magna, I. persica var. mardinensis, I. tauri and I. transtagana are designated. Three new combinations I. aucheri var. fumosa, I. caucasica var. atropatana, and I. planifolia subsp. palaestina, are proposed. Five names at the species rank are for the first time reduced to synonyms (indicated in parentheses): Colchicum falcifolium (= Iris caucasica), I. nusairiensis (= I. aucheri var. fumosa), I. pseudocaucasica (= I. caucasica f. coerulescens), I. schischkinii (= I. caucasica var. multiflora), and I. sindjarensis (= I. aucheri var. fumosa). The ambiguity about authorship of the names I. caucasica, I. galatica, and I. palaestina is also resolved.


epitype, Iris, Juno, lectotype, neotype, nomenclature, taxonomy, Monocots

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