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Typification of Hyobanche sanguinea (Orobanchaceae) and the identity of Hyobanche calvescens and Hyobanche glabrata



Hyobanche sanguinea (Orobanchaceae) is a member of a small genus of holoparasitic plants endemic to southern Africa. The description by Linnaeus in 1771 did not include a designated holotype, and no such material has been located in the Linnaean herbaria housed in London or Uppsala. After studying the Linnaean collection of Hyobanche specimens, and researching the history of botany in South Africa, a lectotype is here designated, and an epitype from the Cape Peninsula assigned. In addition, a study of type specimens for H. calvescens, H. glabrata, and H. rubra reveals that the type specimens for H. calvescens and H. glabrata fall within the circumscription of H. rubra, resulting in synonymization of both names.


epitype, holoparasitic plant, Hyobanche rubra, lectotype, nomenclature, Eudicots

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