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Campanula hongii, a replacement name for C. chinensis (Campanulaceae)



Campanula Linnaeus (1753: 163) comprises about 420 species of the family Campanulaceae, which are distributed throughout the Arctic and North temperate regions (Lammers 2007a; Hong 2015). Campanula chinensis Hong (1980: 247) was described from Xizang and Yunnan, China. It was recognized by all recently published floras (Hong et al. 1983; Hong & Lian 1985; Huang 1991; Hong & Ma 1994; Li et al. 2000; Lammers 2007b; Hong et al. 2011; Hong 2015). It had not been noticed in the all recently published literature that a similar name, C. sinensis (Candolle 1830: 354) Dietrich (1839: 755), has been published in the genus. Example 11 under Art. 53.3 of the ICN (McNeill et al. 2012) makes it quite clear that “chinensis” and “sinensis” must be treated as homonyms; thus the name C. chinensis D.Y. Hong is a later illegitimate homonym, for which a new name is proposed here.



East Asia, Nomenclature, Campanulaceae, Eudicots

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