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Checklist of the green (Ulvophyceae) macroalgae from the Gulf of California, México

Laura Areli Mora-Valdez, Rafael Riosmena-Rodriguez


The Gulf of California is an area characterized by a high diversity and abundance of seaweeds. There are a large number of endemic, economically or ecologically relevant and little studied species. However, until now, detailed reports of species in the Gulf of California are lacking. Our aim is to provide a revised list of green macroalgae species in the region. Our deep analysis revealed 169 species have been cited in the region, but only 124 are confirmed as valid species. The available catalog also includes their current known distribution in the area and taxonomic status. The taxonomic boundaries of many species are not clear and suggests the need for modern studies that include monographic and molecular work. The comparisons with recent catalogs from the Mexican Pacific (178 in Pedroche et al. 2005) and Northern Gulf of California (63 in Norris 2010) suggest that the Gulf of California, as a whole, has a higher diversity of green algae than other does nearby areas along the Eastern Pacific.


Seaweed, Gulf of California, floristic records, geographic distribution, taxonomy, Algae, Mexico

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