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Nomenclatural notes on Goeppertia (Marantaceae)

Mariana Naomi Saka, Julio Antonio Lombardi


A recent molecular based phylogeny (Borchsenius et al. 2012) redefined the genus Goeppertia Nees (1831: 337) to include all the subgenera of Calathea Meyer (1818: 6) proposed by Schumann (1902) with the exception of C. subgenus Calathea Körnicke (1862: 112). As a result, several species of Calathea recently described were transferred to Goeppertia (Braga 2014). Similarly, a taxonomic revision of the Brazilian species, currently carried out by the first author, led to the conclusion that Calathea polytricha Baker (1894: 497) should be combined in Goeppertia. This species features the synapomorphies of Goeppertia, such as simple inflorescences and corolla lobes straight to spreading, and belongs to Schumann’s subgenus Pseudophrynium Körnicke (1862: 113). During the taxonomic revision, other names have been considered synonyms and are typified here.


Goeppertia, combination, synonym, Monocots, Brazil

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