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A new species and a new combination in the genus Aureoboletus (Boletales, Boletaceae) from southern China

Nian-Kai Zeng, MING ZHANG, ZHI-QUN Liang


Two lineages of Aureoboletus (Boletales, Boletaceae) from southern China were revealed by using molecular data based on combined dataset of the nuclear ribosomal large subunit RNA (nrLSU), the translation elongation factor apha-1 (tef1-a) and the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II (rpb1). One of them corresponds with the previous morphology-based taxon, viz. Boletellus longicollis, another one is different from those taxa described based on morphological features. And, thus, Auroboletus clavatus sp. nov. and A. longicollis comb. nov. were proposed. A detailed description, colour photos of fresh basidiomata, and a line-drawing of microscopic features of the two taxa were provided.


boletes, molecular phylogenetics, new taxon, taxonomy, Fungi, China

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ISSN 1179-3155 (print); ISSN 1179-3163 (online)

Published by Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand