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A new Disporopsis (Asparagaceae) transferred from Polygonatum

Aaron Jennings Floden


The recent description of a Disporopsis Hance (1883: 278) (Asparagaceae), D. fansipanensis J.M.H.Shaw, B.Wynn-Jones & V.D.Nguyen in Shaw (2013: 27), from Vietnam and adjacent SW China is a superfluous name for a species that has long resided as a synonym of D. pernyi (Hua 1892: 472) Diels (1900: 249). The above cited authors provided a description, but did not provide a comparative diagnosis to which species he thought that it was most similar to, though he did say that D. fansipanensis probably accounted for the treatment of D. pernyi in Vietnam (Liang & Tamura 2000). Experience with living collections of both species and collections of D. fansipanensis at MO and PE (acronym following Thiers 2015) reveal that it is not synonymous with D. pernyi, but has an older available name.


Asparagaceae; Disporopsis; Polygonatum; Monocots; Vietnam; China

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