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Four new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Vietnam: B. abbreviata, B. calciphila, B. sphenantheroides and B. tamdaoensis

Ching-I Peng, Hsun-An Yang, Yoshiko Kono, Ming-Jer Jung, Tien Hiep Nguyen


Four new species of Begonia, namely B. abbreviata C.-I Peng, B. calciphila C.-I Peng, B. sphenantheroides C.-I Peng and B. tamdaoensis C.-I Peng are documented from northern Vietnam. Detailed descriptions, line drawings, color plates, chromosome data, foliar SEM observations and comparisons with phenetically similar species are provided to aid in identification.


Begonia, new species, sect. Coelocentrum, sect. Petermannia, sect. Platycentrum, Eudicots, Vietnam

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