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Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 67. Notes on Lejeuneaceae subtribus Cololejeuneinae (Marchantiophyta)

Tamás Pócs, Rui-Liang Zhu, Lars Söderström, Anders Hagborg, Matt von Konrat


Cololejeunea subg. Aphanolejeunea is validated. Two new combinations, one validated species name, 14 new synonyms and four new lectotypes in Cololejeunea are proposed. The genus Austrolejeunea is shown to be invalid and all species are transferred to Nephelolejeunea making three new combinations and validating five species names.


Lejeuneaceae, Cololejeuneinae, Marchantiophyta

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ISSN 1179-3155 (print); ISSN 1179-3163 (online)

Published by Magnolia Press, Auckland, New Zealand