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Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 57. Cheilolejeunea boliviensis and Cheilolejeunea savesiana, two new synonyms in Lejeunea (Marchantiophyta, Lejeuneaceae) 

Qiong Qiu, Y.-M. Wei, Xia-Fang Cheng, Rui-Liang Zhu


Cheilolejeunea boliviensis Stephani (1916: 266) is a poorly known species from Bolivia. It was listed as a doubtful taxon by Gradstein et al. (2003). Cheilolejeunea savesiana Stephani (1895: 244) is also a doubtful species and was treated as Lejeunea sp. in Reiner-Drehwald & Grolle (2012)’s review of Rectolejeunea Evans (1906: 8).


Marchantiophyta, Lejeuneaceae

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