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An Atlas of Birds of China [in Chinese] Edited by Y.-W. Qian (1995) 592 pages, hardback  [This atlas records and describes 19 orders, 81 families and 1189 species of Chinese birds, with color plates, diagnosis, habitat information, and distribution map for each species. There is an index to Chinese and Latin name of all Chinese birds].  Request further info & order

Glires of China [in Chinese]. By W.-J. Huang et al  (1995) 308 pp. Paper cover. [A monograph on Lagomorpha and Rodentia of China]. Request further info & order

Raptors of China [in Chinese]. By W.-S. XU. (1995) 105 pp + 4 colour plates. Paper cover. [A monograph on 59 spp of Chinese birds of Accipitridae and Falconidae]. Request further info & order



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