Fauna of China
The first English language account of the diverse animal species of China
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Fauna of China Volume  2 (2001): 169-170


Wild Life in Xinjiang China Edited by Du Li. Xinjiang Juvenile Publishing House, Ürümqi, China. 2000. 268pp. ISBN 7-5371-3750-1 (pbk) [in Chinese].

Located in northwest China, the vast area of Xinjiang covers 1660000 km2 and accounts for about one-sixth of China’s total area. Some 640 species of vertebrates and over 20000 species of invertebrates are known to be present there. Wild Life in Xinjiang China provides a general pictorial guide to the natural history of wild life in this region.

This book begins with a brief introduction to Xinjiang and the organization of the book, followed by six major sections, each devoted to a major group of animals in Xinjiang: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and insects. 

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Published on 15 March, 2002