Fauna of China
The first English language account of the diverse animal species of China
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Fauna of China Volume  2 (2001): 167-168


The Mammalian of China Edited by Helin Shen, Noruyuki Ohtashi & Houji Lu. China Forestry Publishing House, Beijing, China. 1999. 298pp. ISBN 7-5035-2072-1 (hbk) [in English].

The mammalian fauna of China is rich in species: one in very eight mammal species of the world is found there. One unique aspect of this fauna is that over one-fifth of Chinese species are endemic to China.

This new book, one of the few of this kind published in English in China, is a pocket guide to the mammalian fauna of China.

The book is arranged by orders of mammals present in China. Fourteen orders are known in China: Insectivora (61 species), Scandentia (1 species), Chiroptera (98 specie), Primates (21 species), Carnivora (54 species), Pinnipedia (5 species), Cetacea (31 species), Sirenia (1 species), Proboscidea (1 species), Perissodactyla (2 species), Artiodactyla (44 species), Pholidota (1 species), Rodentia (185 species) and Lagomorpha (29 species). 

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Published on 15 March, 2002