Fauna of China
The first English language account of the diverse animal species of China
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Volume 1 (2000)
Volume 2 (2001)
Volume 3 (2001)
Volume 4 (2002)

Fauna of China Volume  2 (2001): 165-166


Flies of China Edited by Wanqi Xue (Wan-chi Hsue) & Chienming Chao. Liaoning Science and Technology Press, Shenyang, China. 1996. Volume 1 pp. 1-1365 & Volume 2 pp. 1366-2425. ISBN 7-80121-032-8 (hbk) [in Chinese with English summary].

Flies of China is one of the few monumental works published on the fauna of China. This two-volume set covers 30 families, 660 genera and 4209 species of flies, including 5 new genera, 268 new species, 4 new subspecies and 135 new record species in China. Over 50 specialists from 36 institutions in China spent over five years on this book.

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Published on 1 May, 2003