Fauna of China
The first English language account of the diverse animal species of China
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Fauna of China Volume 1(2000): 203-204


Atlas of Amphibians of China Edited by Liang Fei. Henan Science & Technology Press, Zhengzhou, China. 1999. 432pp. ISBN 7-5349-1835-9 (hardcover) [in Chinese]. 

With its immense size and diverse range of habitats in different climate zones, China is endowed with a rich fauna. The amphibians of China comprise a significant component of the fauna of China and the amphibian diversity in the world. Some 302 species and subspecies of amphibians belonging to 59 genera in 11 families of three orders are known in China. This is about 7% of the amphibian species in the world. The unique aspect of this fauna is that two-thirds of the amphibian species are endemic to China. 

This new book is the most comprehensive guide to amphibian fauna of China. It was jointly prepared by four leading specialists in China: Liang Fei (also the editor overseeing the preparation of the book), Changyuan Ye, Yongzhao Huang and Minyu Liu. The drawings were contributed by artists Yisheng Wang and Jian Li. 

This book consists of seven parts...........

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Published on 15 March, 2002