Fauna of China
The first English language account of the diverse animal species of China
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Volume 4 of Fauna of China published in December 2002

Mammals of China (Fauna of China Synopsis 3) published in November 2001

Fauna of China is a publishing initiative aimed at providing English descriptions of the diverse fauna of China. It is intended to serve as a gateway to information that is previously available mostly in Chinese. 

Two book series are published by Magnolia Press under the editorship of Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang.

Fauna of China is a series of books, each including a monograph or a collection of research papers on the diverse fauna of China. Each book  is a hardcover volume of ca 200 pages and is issued whenever manuscripts are ready for publication. 

The sister publication, Fauna of China Synopsis, is a series of booklets each containing a faunistic survey or summary in English of a taxon (family, order etc.) known from China. Each booklet includes a list of all species of that taxon in China. 

These publications are essential references for any library that supports research in biodiversity, conservation, systematics, ecology, evolution, phylogeny, zoology, parasitology, behavior, natural resources research and policy-making, environmental protection and management. 

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In addition to the two book series in English, the Fauna of China Initiative also provides information on books/journals published in China on all aspects of its fauna.


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Published  on 24 Jul. 2008